lindsay clark design
Introducing lindsay clark design

Hi there!

I’m Lindsay.

This is a space for me share some of my thoughts related to design and business. I started my process to become a designer a little over a year ago, and I’m excited to finally have this website up and share this with you.

A little about what inspired me to start designing:

My husband Abe. If you know him, then you know he is crazy determined and focused and passionate about all things business (there was actually a time that the reason he set his alarm at 6am PST was because that is when the stock market opens). Since we started dating (5 years ago!) I started asking more and more about business, the stock market, and anything remotely related. Since I’ve learned about IPOs, business strategy, stock prices, investing, funding, quarterly reports, and why it matters.

Branding has always been something I’ve appreciated. For as long as I can remember I would critique commercials, billboards, packaging… Now with the world being online, I’ve been able to experience the good, bad, and ugly experiences across many different platforms (Airbnb vs. the DMV government website…). I find myself constantly taking notes on what makes a good product and what kills a product.

< Enter when I discovered design as a career >

The online resources on design are immense. The opportunities for designers are becoming more and more prevalent. I started reading, listening, and watching to anything design related. I started paying closer attention to design in my everyday life, and decided to start making this passion a reality.

And that’s when the hard work began.

I’ve linked below some resources that helped me get started with design:

Design of Everyday Things

High Resolution

Design Basics Index

52 Weeks of UX