lindsay clark design
A simple design activity

Today I’m sharing an activity I’ve created to help you learn about design.

Choose 3 apps you are familiar with or use frequently.

Write the names of the apps down, preferably on separate papers. Once you write the name of the apps down, start jotting down adjectives that describe each app.

After your adjective lists are complete, put them away. Get out your phone and explore each app, one by one. Pay attention to the details!

Get your adjective lists back out. Identify what design elements were used specifically that made you choose the adjectives. Try to connect the adjectives with specific design elements. Write down these design elements.

Good design is intentional. The apps we use on a daily basis have an effect on us, positive or negative. Good designers know what they want their users to feel as they experience their product, and they know how to make them feel that way.

If you enjoyed this activity and want to apply design to your day to day:

Start paying attention!

Pay attention to all the apps, websites, commercials, billboards, etc. you come in contact with. Start to appreciate and critique them. Write elements down that surprise you, that you hate, that you love. Start noticing how design is part of your life. Because it is everywhere, and we can learn from our surroundings. It’ll make your product better, and it’ll make you a more appreciative user.